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Issue 4

Editor in Chief

French-English Texts

Spring-Summer 2015


The Eyes #4.jpg

Interview with Alec Soth | Interview with Alex de la Iglesia by Nancy Berthier and with Alberto Garcia-Alix by Amaury Chardeau | Texts: Emmanuelle Lequeux, Sonia Berger, Amaury Chardeau, Fannie Escoulen, Nicolas Combarro, Dominique Baqué… | Reviews: Jeffrey Ladd, Russet Lederman, Rémi Coignet, Laurence Vecten, Marc Feustel

Works: Alberto Garcia Alix, Julian Baron, Juan Valbuena, Ricardo Cases, Oscar Monzon, Antonio Xoubanova, Fossi Vegue, Jeffrey Silverthorne…

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