Issue 27


September 2014

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Rémi Coignet's column

Hidden Islam by Nicolo Degiorgis, Rorhof

"Everything is duality in this project: visible, invisible, black and white, colour, interior, exterior. The form given to the book brilliantly pursues this contrast. The cover jacket presents a map of the places of prayer... except that we can't see them. You have to "open" the summary page to find the same map with their mention. Indeed, all the pages on the right unfold. If you don't do this, you will only see the small black and white photos centered on the page. And if you open the leaflet a colour photo of the inside of the place appears, which occupies the whole double page. Throughout his project, Nicoló Degiorgis demonstrates that photography makes it possible to treat a political subject, which is often instrumentalized, seriously and non-judgmentally."

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