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Issue 25


March 2014


Polka Magazine 25 William Klein Rémi Coignet Oliver Sieber Imaginery Club Oscar Monzon Karma

Rémi Coignet's column

Imaginary Club by Oliver Sieber


"Oliver Sieber's rigorous observation clearly establishes a typology of counterculture followers. In doing so, he is part of a history of photography, particularly German photography. One thinks of August Sander. But he has the intelligence to go beyond this canonical form. Indeed, in addition to his highly constructed portraits, which are clearly the heart of the book, Imaginary Club brings together hundreds of black and white snapshots taken in the street, a car or a bar. They thus represent the framework in which the characters evolve. To the humans, the respect of a professional portrait, to the landscapes, the rock'n'roll aesthetics."

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Polka magazine 25 Rémi Coignet Oliver Sieber Gzinzegal Böhmkobayashi Imaginery Club Oscar Monzon Karma RVB Dalpine
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