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Issue 24


Novembre 2013


Polka 24 Rémi Coignet Salgado Peter Lindbergh Patrick Demarchelier David Campany Gazoline War Prime 2 Boomberg Chanarin

Rémi Coignet's column

Gazoline by David Campany


"Campany still questions the capacity of photography to signify outside of a given context. The first half of the book presents the photographs. The second, on lighter paper, their verses stamped with photographers' stamps, captions and other technical mentions. The reader can thus, either as a curious person trying to decipher the images, or as an archaeologist making the effort to establish their primary meaning. Finally, by taking hold of this material, initially utilitarian in nature, David Campany underlines the extent to which the use value of an image can vary over time: first devoted to information, then relegated to the archives, these stained photos, which have become icons of a bygone era, are now exhibited in museums or sold in galleries."

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Polka magazine 24 David Campany Gazoline Boomberg Chanarin War Primer 2 Rémi Coignet
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