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Issue 23


September 2013


Polka Magazine 23 Karl Lagerfeld Operating Theater The American Monument Don McCulin Rémi Coignet Pino Musi Lee Friedlander

Rémi Coignet's column

Operating Theater by Pino Musi


"An operation took place here. However, the expression refers to the notion of combat. And that's what you feel when you look at the photos. Compresses thrown on the ground, gloves, soiled linen, blood stains... A hand-to-hand combat took place. An act - a surgical act - took place. The patient, the surgeon, the nurses played their roles. A battle for life took place in a unit of place, time and action. Technology is omnipresent, and we recognize familiar marks of the photographers: Olympus, Zeiss... Yet it seems secondary to the human factor evident in the traces of the intervention. In the medical act as in the photographic act, it is a question of observing and acting. The operator's decision remains paramount."

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Polka 23 Rémi Coignet Pino Musi Operating theater Lee Friedlancer The American Monument
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