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Issue 21


March 2013


Polka Magazine 21 Rémi Coignet Zoé Beausire

Rémi Coignet's column

Rosette, Mauricette et Roby by Zoé Beausire

Kominek book

"Can we look into the face of disturbing subjects? The first reflex is to look away from Zoé Beausire's book. Then one returns there. Rosette, Mauricette and Roby rejects, because it deals with a subject that we prefer to pretend to ignore: old age, dependency, the end of life. Realities that refer to our own finitude, to that of our loved ones, to the idea of physical decay."

"Many of the notions brought into play by photography are embraced here: the desire to see and the denial of reality, as well as the conventions that make a figuration of reality acceptable or not."

Read full text in French

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