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Issue 8

Editor in Chief

Guest editor: Michel Poivert

French and English editions

Fall-Winter 2017


The Eyes #8.png

Interview with Sophie Calle | Texts: Michel Poivert, Tamara Berghmans, Russet Lederman, Jeffrey Ladd, Laurence Veten, Charlotte Pons, Gisèle Tavernier,  Federica Chiocchetti, Christine Coste… | Reviews: Jeffrey Ladd, Maria-Karina Bojikian, Rémi Coignet, Marc Feustel, Russet Lederman, Federica Chiocchetti

Works: Carlos Spottorno, Stéphanie Solinas, Christian Vium, Laia Abril, Amaury da Cunha,

Emeric Lhuisset, Lorenzo Tricoli…

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