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Issue 5

Editor in Chief

French-English Texts

Spring-Summer 2015


The Eyes #5.jpg

Interview with Martin Parr | Interview with JH Engström by Amaury Chardeau and with Atiq Rahimi by Charlotte Pons | Texts: Christian Caujolle, Hans-Michael Koetzle, Irène Attinger, Marc Feustel, Dominique Baqué, Étienne Hatt… | Reviews: Jeffreyd Ladd, Russet Lederman, Marc Feustel, Laurence Vecten, Rémi Coignet

Works: Ryichi Ishikawa, Samuel Gratacap, Federico Guarino, Kader Attia, Nicolas Moulin, Mohamed Bourouissa, Éric Beaudelaire, Mathieu Pernot, Isabelle Le Minh, Thibault Brunet, Raphaël Dallaporta, Thomas Mailaender…

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