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Numéro 945

January 8-14 2014


Inrocks 2014.jpg

Nordic impact (Christer Strömholm, Anders Petersen, JH Engström)

"Who are you and why?' This question, as lapidary as it is existential, posed by Anders Petersen, is at the heart of the work of three Swedish photographers currently exhibited in Paris: Christer Strömholm, Petersen so, and JH Engström. More than a Swedish school, it is a question of filiation between these three. Strömholm (1918-2002) was Petersen's teacher. 'Because of the attention he gave me, he became a kind of father,' says the 69-year-old photographer, whose work is the subject of a retrospective at the BNF. The youngest, JH Engström was Petersen's assistant before becoming his friend. Together, they published From Back Home, a chronicle of a return to their homeland, in 2009."

Inrocks 2014 JH Anders.jpg
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