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Mathias de Lattre

Texts Rémi Coignet, 

Olivier Chambon, Jacques Mabit, Vincent Verroust

The Eiskay Connection, 2021

Available here

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The aporia of technical medicine

"What Mathias de Lattre faces is the aporia of technical medicine. In other words,
the impassable logical contradiction that pharmacology faces when its remedies unfortunately prove ineffective. It then has no other outcome than to increase the dose or enrich the cocktail at the risk of the patient dying cured. (Knock, Molière...) This seems absurd, but can be explained if we refer to Jacques Ellul, author of La Technique ou l’enjeu du siècle (1954). According to Ellul, technology has transformed from a tool to an autonomous process that enslaves Man. The person who created it, the technician (the researcher or the doctor in this case), as well as the person who benefits from it (here the patient)."

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