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Art Facing a New World


Foreword Rémi Coignet

portfolios: Agata Wieczorek, Ana Zibelnik, Thomas Wynne, Glorija Lizde, Ines Marinho and Negar Yaghmaian. 

Essays by Laura Konttinen, Seda Yildiz and Cihad Caner

The Eyes Publishing, 2021

Available here


"The notion of time – in which change is logically embedded – is far more complex and has occupied philosophers since antiquity. According to Henri Bergson, ‘the nature of time is to flow; time that has already passed is the past, and we call the present the instant in which it flows’. This undoubtedly makes it exceedingly difficult to grasp the present, and for Stendhal's hero to understand what is happening around him. But Bergson goes on to say that ‘the present is memory and anticipation’. In other words, an oscillation between yesterday and tomorrow. And this is precisely where the artists gathered in this volume are situated. In a position that Giorgio Agamben defines as contemporaneity. That is, ‘the anachronism that allows us to grasp our time in the form of a “too early” that is also a “too late”, of an “already” that is also a “not yet” 

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