Vasantha Yogananthan

Essay Rémi Coignet

Chose Commune, 2014

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Chose Commune Vasantha Yogananthan Piemanson Rémi Coignet

"When I was a child, on summertime Sundays, my parents and I would occasionally set off down the B36 road that goes from Arles to Salin-de-Giraud to spend the day at Piémanson. […]

In September 2013 in Paris, Vasantha Yogananthan showed me the project for his book, Piémanson. My surprise at rediscovering these slightly forgotten places was equal to the pleasure of seeing the accuracy and respect with which he had photographed the people who occupied them. The images immediately reminded me of the British documentary photographers of the 1980s and 90s, who observed their subjects at eye level, without looking down on them. […]

Vasantha Yogananthan is essentially portraying a utopia. Families who, without waiting for the techno movement, created in the 1970s a "Temporary Autonomous Zone" based on Hakim Bey’s concept. A libertarian utopia that is obviously fragile, suffering the controlling will of the powers that be, a convenient ally for the zealous defenders of the environment."

Chose Commune Vasantha Yogananthan Piemanson Rémi Coignet