Delfim Sardo editor

Novo Banco, 2015

Available here

Photography A User's Manual  Things Here and Things Still to Come José Pedro Cortes Pierre von Kleist Rémi Coignet Delfim Sardo Photography a user's manual

The main objective that presided over this publication was to produce a broader view of photography that is currently practiced in Portugal in the field of visual arts and leaving aside a disciplinary approach to photography. We could say that it focused more on the field of the photographic than on the field of photography as such.

About José Pedro Cortes' Things Here and Things Still to Come 

"The photos by José Pedro Cortes are without glamour and compromise. He doesn't seek to magnify or mock his models. The same distance we can find in the representation of the city. The interest of the book come from the approximation between the inperfect bodies and these streets without quality. It emanates from Things Here and Things Still to Come a feeling of loneliness, ennui, in opposition to the promises of pleasure we can find in magazines."