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Jérôme Simon

Afterword Rémi Coignet

Innocences, 2017

Available here

Paranoid Jérôme Simon Innocences Jean-Marie Donat Walker Evans

Mirror's Stage

"The images [in this serie] show an activity brought about by the very nature of a Polaroid. As an instant image, it allowed […] both photographer and subject to observe the result of a shot almost immediately, well before the digital era. […] Among amateurs, as shown in the collection put together by Jérôme Simon, it was a kind of exchange or potlatch: I take your image, then I offer it to you. But, not to lose by the exchange, I take another image of you as you look at yourself, as you watch the image rise, appear, reveal itself, reveal yourself. […] We recognise in this group of photographs the figure of Narcissus, of course, but also the psychoanalytic concept of the mirror stage. In other words, and although most of the subjects here are adults, with the Polaroid, the Ego is social and constructed in the gaze of the other."

Capture d’écran 2020-05-04 à
Capture d’écran 2020-05-04 à
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