Daniel Blaufuks

Texts David Santos, Mark Durden,

Daniel Blaufuks, António Guerreiro,

Leslie Morris, Italo Calvino,

Georges Perec, W.G. Sebald

and a conversation between

Daniel Blaufuks and Rémi Coignet

Portuguese and English texts

Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporânea do Chiado, 2014

Available here

All The Memory of the worl Toda a memoria do mundo Daniel Blaufuks Rémi Coignet Chiado David Santos Mark Durden António Guerreiro Leslie Morris Italo Calvino Georges Perec W.G. Sebald

A conversation between Daniel Blaufuks and Rémi Coignet


RC: There is a quote from David Cronenberg ...

DB: Ohhhh. [Laughs]

RC: ... that I like: “Nothing is real, except our perception of reality, isn’t it?” Do you see yourself in this doubt?

DB: Yes. This corresponds to what I often say about memory: today doesn’t exist. Only the past and the future exist. The present is a perception. The very moment we are aware of the present, it is already past. So all we can hold are the past and the future. We know it will come. Even when we are gone, there will always be another day tomorrow. But the present is hard to capture. That’s why it is a perception of reality. From which stems the importance of being aware of memory. Losing memory is tantamount to losing our humanity by forgetting our history. Memory is not a truth but a construction.