Stefano de Luigi

Texts Elisabetta Da Lio, Rémi Coignet

Centro Culturale Candiani, Venice

Exhibition and catalogue, 2017

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Cinema Mundi Stefano de Luigi VII Agency Centro Culturale Candiani

The Double Paradox

"The resolution of the paradox that we observe in the vision of "Cinema Mundi" can perhaps be found in an analysis by the philosopher Alain Badiou, who wrote in 1998: "A film operates by what it takes out of the visible, the image is first cut off. The movement is hindered, suspended, turned over, stopped. More essential than presence is the cutting, not only by the effect of the editing but already and immediately by that of the framing." These words can also be applied to photography in their entirety if we consider it as a serial work and not as a sum of individual images."