Carlos Spottorno

Text Rémi Coignet

Biblioteca de Fotografos Españoles

La Fabrica, 2015

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​Idealism and Pragmatism

"A taste for paradox, for antinomy, the alliance of opposites, so aptly illustrated on the cover of The Pigs, are at the heart of his visual rhetoric. Spottorno’s photography is decidedly documentary, concerned with the biggest current events issues, from economic growth in China to education in Latin America, to the tragedy of migrants in the Mediterranean. It is however impossible to stick the overly facile label “photojournalism” onto his work. Spottorno never sets out to summarize a situation with an image, because he knows that any attempts at delimitation can only produce, at best, an abridged version, or at worst, a misinterpretation of the facts. He is willing to tell stories with his feet planted firmly in reality."

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