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Pino Musi

3 jours a Tharoul Pino Musi Rémi Coignet Fabrice Wagner Le Caillou Bleu Pierre Liebaert

Guest editor: Rémi Coignet

Binding: Pierre Liebaert

Assistant: Hanane Housni

Work carried out over 3 days (photography, editing, printing, binding) 

Single copy

​Le Caillou Bleu – Fabrice Wagner, 2014

More info here

Pino Musi about 3 Days in Tharoul

"The cool atmosphere, and especially this friendly relationship between all of us, allowed us to play with the idea of a book. I find that amazing. Apart from the subject, which was secondary, not very important, it was the performance that was interesting. This community idea of producing together, experimenting, dialoguing, of being part of a community reflecting on a project. It brought me back to the days of theatre when I would stay up until 4 in the morning talking to these people older than me. […] Those who came to Tharoul after us have also succeeded in carrying out their projects. This means that this community experience is feasible and allows you to work better on projects when concentration is not oppressive."

From Conversations 3.

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